Spring Township, Berks County, PA


Borough of Sinking Spring


Upgrade wastewater facility to resolve projected hydraulic overload issues, and to meet recently imposed total phosphorous limits


ARRO provided design, bidding and construction management services

Sinking Spring Wastewater Facility

Serving as the appointed wastewater engineer for the Borough of Sinking Spring since the early 1960’s, ARRO provided design, bidding and construction management services for the latest upgrade and minor expansion project.

This included construction of a new headworks building with fine screens, new raw sewage pumps, construction of a new third final clarifier including associated pumping and piping, and additional reed beds. Further, the sodium hypochlorite, return activated sludge, chlorination and chemical addition facilities were retrofitted.

The project also resulted in a rerate of the design organic capacity of the existing oxidation ditches. The WWTP utilizes physical, chemical, and biological unit processes to treat influent wastewater and achieve the desired effluent quality. Plant processes include screening, pumping, grit removal, biological treatment using Ovivo Carrousel oxidation ditches (two trains), chemical phosphorus removal and final clarification. After chlorination and dechlorination, effluent is discharged into the Cacoosing Creek, a tributary of the Schuylkill River (part of the Delaware River Basin). Waste activated sludge is digested using bioaugmentation in four digesters operated in series. Digested sludge is then applied to drying beds that utilize reeds to remove additional water and continue the stabilization process.

To fund the nearly $4 million project, ARRO also assisted the Borough in applying for project financing, which was successfully obtained through a combination low-interest loans from Pennvest, and $100,000 of federal stimulus money.

“It’s a great, great project. We’re gettng people to work, and right now we need every job we can get. ...when it’s done we’ll have an asset, a world-class building that will be here for probably 40 years to provide for the safety of those who live in the community and for the health of nearby rivers and streams.”

John Hanger
Secretary - Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection


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