Conewago Township, York County, PA


Conewago Township Sewer Authority


Contract Operations for 0.5 MGD Aqua Aerobic Systems sequencing batch reactor wastewater treatment plant and collection system.


Normal operation and maintenance of the wastewater facility and collection system

Conewago Township Wastewater Facilities

ARRO has operated the 0.5 MGD Aqua Aerobic Systems sequencing batch reactor wastewater treatment plant and collection system that serves Conewago Township in York County since May 2002.

The treatment plant consists of two units followed by chlorine contact tanks and a cascading outfall, and two aerobic sludge digesters, and the collection system includes over 100 individual residential grinder pump stations and eight major submersible pump stations.

ARRO is responsible for the normal operation and maintenance of the facility, including staffing, operator licensing, sampling, analyses, discharge monitoring report preparation, routine equipment maintenance, general housekeeping, and other tasks.

As the contract operator of the Authority's plant, ARRO has been recognized seven years in a row (2006 - 2012) by Aqua Aerobic Systems for exceptional AquaSBR performance. ARRO's contributions toward the outstanding operations award over the years have included additional influent and industrial testing, mechanical changes to pumps and piping, repair and rewiring of floating mixers, and process control modifications for more cost-effective treatment and biological nutrient removal.

During a recent meeting, Authority member Don Kern praised ARRO's work, stating "we are lucky to have you." Tim Walker, Authority treasurer, concurred.


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