Whitpain Township, Montgomery County, PA


Whitpain Township


Develop base mapping, operation layers and GIS custom tools to provide a user-friendly interface for updating and reporting on geographic information.


Create a fully functioning GIS including data conversion, spatial analysis, mapping and reporting geographic information.

Whitpain Township GIS Project

For over 10 years, ARRO has assisted Whitpain Township Public Works and Engineering departments in creating a Geographic Information System (GIS). ARRO has provided data conversion services, mapping, and custom GIS tool development

to help manage data in the Township's municipal operations.

Key GIS custom tools applications developed by ARRO include:

  • Pavement Management System –The user selects pavement features in the GIS, and data entry forms are displayed to enter work order information pertaining to pavement such as crack sealing, street sweeping, snow plowing salting, and other roadway-related information. Monthly reports are generated that account for the time and materials used in roadway maintenance.
  • Document Linkage System – A document linkage program was developed by ARRO for the Township Engineering department to provide quick access to sanitary sewer as-built drawings and plans. 
  • Permit Application System – A GIS application tool was developed by ARRO to track permitting activity by permit types such as additions, decks, garage, patio, pool and deck. 
The Public Works Director stated that “in these times the public demands that the municipality be more accountable, and ARRO's GIS tools enable us to be responsive to the public's concerns."


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