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Windsor Township


Development of Zoning Ordinances to help moderate residential growth and protect environmentally sensitive areas


Development of Zoning Ordinances to help moderate residential growth and protect environmentally sensitive areas

Comprehensive Revision to Township Zoning Ordinance

Following a period of unprecedented residential development between 2001 and 2007, Windsor Township faced looming infrastructure shortfalls, and the rural character of the Township that so many residents enjoyed was fast slipping away. It was time to

reassess the Township's strategy for growth. With a Comprehensive Plan completed, Windsor Township chose ARRO to do the job of translating their planning goals of sensible, balanced growth into a fair and enforcable Zoning Ordinance. This would be no small task.  At the time, Windsor Township's zoning ordinance weighed in at over 400 pages and existing uses in the Township ranged from livestock to landfills.  ARRO, and her partner firm Thomas Comitta and Associates, started by tackling the Township's biggest planning challenge first and foremost; uncontrolled residential development.  They formulated a plan to rezone portions of the Township to a new, very low density Rural Residential District, and to enact open space development requirements for both the low density R-1 and medium density R-2 zoning districts.  Together, these requirements work not only to moderate growth but to protect natural features and environmentally sensitive areas. 

To accommodate varied uses, ARRO drafted provisions for a new Neighborhood Commercial zone, in which appropriate commercial and residential uses can exist side by side (or over and under!). They revamped parking requirements to improve stormwater runoff, beefed up landscape buffers between dissimilar uses, provided for increased public and open space, and made countless other improvements.  While doing so, ARRO strove to involve the Township in the process at every turn.  They kept the lines of communication open with the Planning Commission by holding monthly workshop meetings, and addressed the Board of Supervisors on several occasions when important decisions were needed on "big picture" items.  Behind the scenes, ARRO worked with the Township staff to pore over every line of every page of the ordinance, attempting to envision any and every scenario that may arise, and to draft fair and reasonable provisions to address it. 

In the end, the ordinance isn't any slimmer (it's still over 400 pages), but with a new and more sensible approach to growth, it's a whole lot better. 


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