West Earl Township


West Earl Water Authority


Private public partnership formed to develop and construct needed water storage and infiltration facilities that will provide an adequate supply of water for current and future economic growth and enhances public safety.


Planning, design and construction management of water system improvements

Hill Top Road, West Earl Township

In early 2005, West Earl Township, Lancaster County, was experiencing a significant amount of commercial and industrial growth, which put a strain on the Authority’s public water facilities.

A group of private developers, the West Earl Authority and the West Earl Township, entered into negotiations that would allow necessary improvements to the water system to be made. These negotiations resulted in an agreement among the parties to design and construct a new 0.4 million gallon (MG) water storage facility, as well as construction of water lines and other facilities required to connect the new facility to the existing water system. This new facility would not only provide an adequate supply of water for consumption, but also would enhance public safety by providing additional fire protection.

One challenge of the project was that the tank installation was proposed at a high point in an area of known flooding issues.  Increasing runoff at this location would have amplified an already existing stormwater issue and would have resulted in downstream property owners being adversely impacted.  ARRO recommended the use of a stormwater infiltration facility in order to account for the increase in impervious surface that resulted from the tank installation. The infiltration facility was installed in close proximity to the tank location, which allowed the pre-development hydrologic condition to be mimicked.

The purpose of the infiltration facility design was to collect the total runoff from the proposed land use change; therefore, the post-development runoff rates and the 24-hour runoff volumes were reduced to below the pre-development condition for the 1 through 100-year storm events.
The end result was the completion of a 0.4 MG water storage facility, additional fire protection and the project property had less runoff as a result of the site being developed.


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